Safe home!

Hey G33ks, This is a very short update to inform you, I’m home safely and writing from my own PC 🙂 G33k Out, Finlay

Leaving Spain

Hey G33ks, As you guys may know, I’m in Spain now on a holiday with my girlfriend and her parents. unfortunatly, it’s coming to an end soon. Today, at 14:00 we leave the house and set for the airplane to Germany, and then with the car to our homes in the Nehterlands. It was quite […]

BashMark launched!

Today I launched BashMark, a LinuxBenchmark tool designed for VPS! Just look on this github repo G33k Out, Finlay

G33kies are here!

Hey G33ks, I’m happy to inform you that I have enabled a saving system called ‘G33kies’. You can earn G33kies by: Referring Visitors (1 for a visitor, 5 for a signup) Making a purchase Looking around on the site Logging in Beeing Active on the site and forums

Update 3 from Spain

Hey G33ks, Sorry for not posting an update for a few days, so here are the updates until now! Thursday we started off by me and my girlfriend going for a swim, yet I still hate water ;-; After that, my girlfriend. her dad and I went out for some more geocaching. [GC5NJ2R]Puig de la […]

Update 2 from Spain

Hey G33ks, Today,  we started with searching for a cache at some kind of shopping mall… We spend about 30minutes before we decided to go to the mall itself. the mall wasn’t that big, but not that small either.. my girlfriend and I spend about an hour before we decided to go home, but not before […]


Sup G33ks, Today, My girlfriend, her dad, and me went out for another Geocache. [GC1ZZ5X]Morros de Benitatxell – Mirador [GC5M8EV]Falla del Moraig [GCKZMX]Camino de los Pirates That’s 3 found today! We walked wrong the first time to the 2nd cache (GC5M8EV) but we took these pictures while we where there. while going the right way, […]