Update 2 from Spain

Hey G33ks,

Today,  we started with searching for a cache at some kind of shopping mall…
We spend about 30minutes before we decided to go to the mall itself.
the mall wasn’t that big, but not that small either.. my girlfriend and I spend about an hour before we decided to go home, but not before attempting a 2nd time to find the cache and having lunch at the nearby burgerking (yum!), again we couldn’t find the cache, without any luck or clue, so we went to the burger king, and after lunch, go to our home.

After switching up my shorts for some decent pants, and my girlfriend changing her shoes, we went to go karting.
It was quite fun, exept some guy not driving safe in any way (going as far to even cathing us from the right at full speed!). anyway, I ended up 4th, I could have ended 3rd if that douchebag didn’t drive so unsafe.

After karting, we gone to caching again.

We found the first one (GC326DD) after a good search (we already wanted to giveup) but we still found it because I made a ‘corner kick’ because sme pile of junk didn’t make sense. AND BOOM, GOTCHA!. we thought it was inside the footbal cage, but nope, I kicked another corner 😉 it was hidden pretty well, and even had some FTF certificates in it! (but we didn’t find it first ;-;).

The second one (GC1WY1D) was pretty easy to find.
When I crossed the street, there was something that really looked off, I just knew that had to be where the cache was hidden! I walked to it, made a quick peek in it (without the other noticing) and indeed it was the cache!
But because I didn’t feel like ending the search so quickly, I pretended I didn’t find it yet and continued ‘searching’. after a few moments, my girlfriend found it too!
we decided to go home, take some rest and go for diner.

after taking some rest, and diner my girlfriend got ill.
but we wanted to find another! so we (my girlfriends parents and I) decided to go find [GC5NJ2R]Puig de la Llorença, while my girlfriend stayed home. after a solid hour of searching, we also couldn’t find this one :\
We simply couldn’t find it, and it started to get dark, so we headed home.
Tommorrow, we might make another attempt!

but for now, I gotta take care of my girlfriend, so

G33k Out,

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