Update 3 from Spain

Hey G33ks,

Sorry for not posting an update for a few days, so here are the updates until now!

Thursday we started off by me and my girlfriend going for a swim, yet I still hate water ;-;
After that, my girlfriend. her dad and I went out for some more geocaching.

The first cache we went out for was “[GC5NJ2R]Puig de la Llorença” and as you know, we already tried to look for it as mentioned in “Update 2 from Spain“.
After a very short look (I already ‘calculated’ where it had to be laying) we found a little green bag, with the cache!
After logging it, we went back to the car, down the mountain to the next cache, “[GC4G7QP]A little walk: Teulada View“.

This was indeed a little walk from where we parked.
we found it again very quickly, and after my girlfriend hung over the railing to grab it, we logged it, put it back and gone to the next cache, “[GC4G7PE]A little walk: Historic Water Pump“, a little walk further down the road.

We looked a while for this with the hint “Don’t damage the wall! Search behind the tree in the wall, look for the white stone and the blue point.”
So, we looked for a tree in the wall, near white stone, and a blue point.
We searched for about half an hour, before my girlfriend by accident stumbled upon a blue point. the cache was very near.
but the weird part was: we couldn’t find any white stone nearby, nor a tree in the wall.
but we found it anyway.

After that, we went to the “[GC2KM7Q]Vista Cumbre del Sol” cache, near our house, we found this one pretty quickly because the cords were very accurate (you almost stand on it if you had a good GPS lock!). the view was quite amazing, yet I didn’t make any picture of it :\ (sorry).
We also noticed another cache nearby ([GC4G7RQ]Astro-Mystery: Solar System), we walked to the cords, and we found, a rope?
Why would there be a rope, in a tree, covered with leaves we thought.
we took a picture of the rope and went back to our home, took a little time resting.
While we where resting, I just wanted to know… was that cache really just a rope? couldn’t be right?
So I logged on my girlfriends laptop, searched the cache, and indeed! the cords we had were just a parking spot, and the rope had nothing to do with it!
So I started doing the ‘quiz’ of the cache, and after alot of effort, finally found the right cords (which I’m not gonna show here :3)!

After I found the cords, we went out for diner in Moraira.
Once we found a restaurant tohave our diner at, I ordered a “Grilled SeaBass”, and what I thought to be like a “SeaBass filet” and mouth ready, actually was a whole fish grilled (luckily without intestines and such).

Bon Apetit Bon Apetit

It was a whole experience on itself to eat that seabass.

Report Fizz for feed! Report Fizz for feed!

After Diner, we gone back to the car, and tried to go to another cache (I don’t know which one). unfortunatly, we couldn’t reach it, so we went back to out home, relax, and eventually, call it a day.

When we woke up on Friday, we did… absolutely nothing exept breakfast, and just beeing lazy on our beds.
After a while, again, we gone out for some more geocaching.

First, [GC4G7RQ]Astro-Mystery: Solar System.
Yesterday, I already calculated the cords as already seen a bit back in the post.
the cords where correct, and we found the cache after a little search.

Jappz, I haz dem cache Jappz, I haz dem cache

We logged it, put it back and went to the second cache, [GC32683]Cap Blanc – Beach Cache.

This one gave us a bit of a challenge, since we had the hint “Wall, 1m from the last cactus, search the mark, don’t damage the wall.” but there was no (atleast, we couldn’t see one) mark? but anyway, we also found this one after a little search.

Her dad made this picture of us 2 (don’t mind the fact how I hold my arm, my hair war blowing in front of my face)

My Girlfriend and I My Girlfriend and I

Also, my girlfriend spotted this fence of which she made a picture

Next up, [GC5YXP7]16 – Along the coast: Erosion.
This one gave us almost no challenge with the hint “don’t damage the wall, the cache is about 8m from the edge, search the blue point” we found it near instantly, but due to the sun, the blue point had changed color to green.

Me with the cache... mostly just scene view Me with the cache… mostly just scene view
Me with the cache Me with the cache
Climbing Girlfriend Climbing Girlfriend
My Girlfriend near the sea My Girlfriend near the sea

[GC5YXM7]15 – Along the coast: Cala Baladrar also was pretty easy, but more sneaky. altho it was obvious due to the hint “information board, edge on the left”.

[GC5YXKJ]14 – Along the coast: Cala Abogat was a bit more difficult.

As we thought about the wrong streetlamp (damn you GPS thingy!) I climbed all the way along the mountain side, which was quite dangerous to do.

Along the Mountainside Along the Mountainside

Yet, after quite a search, we found it… and we… well… looked over it and did all the climbing and stuff for nothing but to get dirty.

Me with the cache... behind a fence... Me with the cache… behind a fence…

And the final one for this day, [GC3BCNQ]Vista Cala Baladrar, was quite easy to find.
The hint was “Magnetic” and there were only 2 things that were magnetic in quite a radius.
So it didn’t take us a long time to find.
The only thing you have to mind: the traffic.

Me holding the cache Me holding the cache

After that, we went to our home again, took another dive in the swimming pool, and called it a day by diner and watching “Race to Witch Mountain”.

On Saturday, we went yet for some more caches,

We went to find [GC60444]Moraira harbour view first.
yet, we couldn’t find it, and the hint “Under a rock near the big red post.” didn’t help us at all, since there where rocks like everywhere.
So after half an hour of searching, we gave up and moved on to [GCH1RP]Torre Vigia Cap d’ Or.

It was quite a walk to get there, it took us about half an hour, and ur navigator send us to wrong way to.
After a big walk, we managed to get the cache in our hands… it was a MANLY cache too!

Me and the cache beeing MANLY (or not... depends on who you ask) Me and the cache beeing MANLY (or not… depends on who you ask)

After that, we did our normal routine of going home, having diner, taking a dive and that stuff.
Hope you enjoyed this huge update!

G33k Out,


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