Wigle stats

Hey G33ks, as you know, I geocache alot, so I’ve decided to combine Geocaching with… WARDRIVING! now lookup on google if you don’t know what it means… you can look my stats under the geocaching banner. G33k Out, Finlay

Chrome45 DoS-exploit

hmm… some guy somewhere found a chrome exploit that will crash your browser. here is the url needed (copy and paste at own risk!): http://a/%%30%30 so when you see this link, you’re screwed… be responsible! G33k Out, Finlay


Hye G33ks, Yesterday was quite exciting for me. I gone Geocaching with my girlfriend and another friend of hers, and we found my 100th cache! yay 😀 I really love this sport and am now working to get to the 200! G33k Out, Finlay

Attempting to get youtube videos on the site!

Hey G33ks, After a long time of no updates on the site, I’m trying to get my youtube videos embedded on the site (I know how to, I just need to do so), so hopefully, the site will come back to live again! G33k Out, Finlay

Register Bug Fixed

hey G33ks, Today I heard someone had issues trying to register, and I noticed, the page was dead. I fixed it now, so happy surfing 😀 G33k Out, Finlay

Contest! The Exploit

Hey G33ks, I did make a ‘mistake’ (or did I? 😉 ) where I left an exploit in the website for you to find. So here is the contest: Dear Reader, An evil dude know as “Mr. H” hacked my website, and placed a piece of malicious code in my website! He was a employee […]

Reverse Shell tutorial

Hey Guys, Finlay Here Today I present you a reverse shell script I’ve build during some boredom. I have the proof that it works here: View the Proof! Here is the “malware.py” (which you send to the victim): # Please support me and my development by making a donation to: # BTC: 1Gay22nGSs5tXArmABtSHGjKQTerMpptFV import sys, […]

Bye Twitch, Hello Youtube!

Hey G33ks, Today I started using YOutube for my livestreams instead of twitch. Since twitch doesn’t seem to follow it’s own rules & guidelines. I’m live now (at the time of writing) so click this link to go watch! G33k Out, Finlay