Registrations broken

Hey G33ks, I’ve just received a message on the fact that the registration is broken, and after looking into it, it indeed is broken since it tries to send you to a non-existing page. yet I can’t seem to figure out where the problem lies as the documentation is too crappy for me to figure […]

Bustabit but by Sviatoslav

Hii Guys, So I’ve been playing on Bustabit a lot, and Sviatoslav asked me to create a bot for him to use on CS:GO-Crash. I didn’t want to just make it for him, but I told him I would teach him how to make one. He agreed, and so we build a bot together 🙂 […]

Youtube splitup

Hey G33ks, So I have been working on splitting my channel in multiple channels, and dedicating them for certain purposes. For example, the gaming channel will (when the migration is complete) only have gaming related stuff, like my livestream archives, gaming compilations and so on. I hope to by doing this I can create a […]

CPUs with HBM

Hey G33ks, So I wokeup today, started up my PC, and came across an old bookmark of HBM, and then I started thinking… The Fury line of GPUs has HBM… why don’t they slap it on an APU (AMD CPU + AMD GPU) or just the regular Intel GPUs with an IGP. I think the […]