Server Upgrades & Maintenance

Hey G33ks, Because my webhost is getting an upgrade, my website, the API, and all that good stuff will be unavailable. De maintenance will begin on november the 28th around 22:00 (GMT +1 Europe/Amsterdam). The site should be online again around November the 29th. SO if you can’t reach the site during that time, don’t […]

email compromised?

Hey G33ks, I dont know if it’s true, but today I received a message from my webhost containing the following message: The ****ย account has just finished sending 1500 emails. There could be a spammer, the account could be compromised, or just sending more emails than usual. After some processing of the /etc/virtual/usage/****.bytes file, it was […]

Building an API

Hey G33ks, A Few days ago I started building an API. this API should get it easier for you to do certain stuff, like generating a random string. The documentation is still undergoing an overhaul, so expect it to come online soon! G33k Out

QubesOS Review

After using QubesOS for about a week now, I think it’s time for me to upload a review of it. My Setup contains of the following specifications: Intel Core i3-4030U 4GB DDR3 memory External USB3.0 case with ADATA SP900 128GB The USB SSD can be the bottleneck, but I think that if you use QubesOS […]


Hey G33ks, so yesterday was my birthday, and I got my new Garmin Dakota 20 gps :DDD so I can do more geocaching now. also I’m saving up for a camera so I can show me adventures on the go ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry that I didn’t do any special livestream or so, but I was quite […]

Photos We’ve made in England

About half a year ago I had a holiday in England (Before I went to spain). There, my Girlfriend and I made pictures of me while Geocaching (holding the caches) and some other stuff. And now, I present them to you! a little late, but still worth it I hope ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t look at how […]

Some stuff has been fixed

Hey G33ks After some issues with the Shop and Registration, I’ve finally resolved them! I hope the site now works as it should, but if it doesn’t feel free to leave me a message trough the contact form ๐Ÿ˜€ G33k Out