New Youtube series in the make!

Hey G33ks! Since A few days ago I bought the game `Scrap Mechanic` I decided to do a series on this game 🙂 the series will (if everything goes right) start on monday march 21 2016 so just keep an eye on this website, or on my youtube channel! Cheers!

ISITUP API Function!

Hey G33ks, We all know that time, where a website seems to be down. and what do we do then? we go to! but unfortunately, that site only support HTTP(S) with port 80 and 443…

Why KandiCraft might also be closing

Hey G33ks, For the last month I have worked on a Minecraft server called KandiCraft, but I intended it to be with an active player base so I have the motivation to keep it alive. Unfortunately, the server didn’t get all the attention that I wanted, with as result, the fact that I don’t really […]

1 Year on Ubuntu Touch!

Hey G33ks, I’m running Ubuntu Touch for a solid year now, and I decided to let you guys know my experience. Introduction When I first heard about Ubuntu Touch, I, as a Ubuntu fanatic, got excited to the max! Around the time that I had to get a new phone, because my HTC phone had […]

NSStoringen_Bot engine updated!

Hey G33ks, Because I noticed that the `/9gag` and `/nieuws` command in the `NSStoringenbot` weren’t working like they where supposed to, I updated the engine. Also, I renamed the bot to `TeleNS_bot` (bot itself is still at `@NSStoringen_bot`). just let me know what you guys think! Chiousu!