Why KandiCraft might also be closing

Hey G33ks,For the last month I have worked on a Minecraft server called KandiCraft, but I intended it to be with an active player base so I have the motivation to keep it alive.
Unfortunately, the server didn't get all the attention that I wanted, with as result, the fact that I don't really play on it myself (as single player on it is quite boring) and that I don't maintain it.

As running the server is quite expensive in terms of parts and electricity, I decided that the server might close if it stays without support of the community (may it be trough donations, or just a lot of players).However, there might be a slight chance that I will keep the server running, but if I do this, I will put it on a way slower server (probably virtualized).
So if you want the server to keep running at it's current state, please make a donation, or invite all your friends to come play!G33k out


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