[IDEA] Rack server with watercooling

Hey G33ks, Today, I thought about a small idea, that could potentially get the server hardware in regular people their homes, but without all the noise that comes with it. You see, I have a `Dell PowerEdge 860` in my closet, that makes noise for days, and I thought: why can’t I water cool it. […]

[EXPIRED][Giveaway] 10 Random STEAM Games!

Hey G33ks, because I want to get some more exposure on the web, I decided to do a giveaway for 10 random steam games! (one lucky winner) Below is the stuff you can use to enter the giveaway. I wish ya’ll good luck! G33k Out 10 Random STEAM Games

Working on a schedule!

Hey G33ks, In order to try to make my uploads and livestreams more predictable for you, I’m trying to setup a schedule. Please note that even tho it’s in my schedule, if there is something more important to do, the schedule might be delayed. You can view the schedule by going to the navigator menu […]