Update 4 from Terschelling

Hey G33ks,

Today, it’s the second last update from my holiday to Terschelling.
so here we go:

We started the morning quite lazy (or atleast, my girlfriend and I), but in the aftnernoon (about 15:00 or so) we hopped on our bikes towards West-Terschelling (a town in the west of Terschelling???) where we walked around for a while.
We didn’t do anything major, just look around and have our diner.
Here is how our diner looked, before, and after 🙂

Before diner Before diner
After diner After diner

After that, we went back to Midsland again, were we ate some ice cream, but I made no photo of that, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After that, well, again, nothing happened.
Tomorrow, we will pack our stuff and head back home, where I will post the last update for the holidays 🙂

G33k Out!

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