How and it’s hashes work

Hii G33ks,

So as you may have noticed, I am working on a Bustabit bot.
However, I came across this paste by Dexon, and after he explained to me how it works,
I quickly realized that the amount of games are finite.
as this is how the hashes (and thus the game busts) are calculated:

Ryan took a secret key, and hashed that into SHA256 (this would be the last game played).
he then hashes this into SHA256 again, for the game before the last game.
He repeats this for MILLIONS of times, thus creating a lot of hashes, each containing the next game’s hash.

Let’s say we play 5 games.

Game #5 has the hash e00cc8ad3610bab7558ce7c4784d0c029a20de8933e66ffa77f22b0ea39e8ad1
Game #4 has the hash 136a986e15a90d50043bdf044c51511488e41e82b2ecf558bf83e482c7dcd7a2
Game #3 has the hash 234e155b2bf3e2bcd8bd8ac5bae4310e88cac367113705820dd68bfb3847a8f8
Game #2 has the hash defabc6ddec472273606571c9bca60eabb83ab8f74a305cc3b3fd66e635e3183
and Game #1 has the hash 850d23a95246f3e765695c7dd34b27ca696957bacd0fcb2cd97387f2ffcab37f

So this means that instead of incorporating the previous game (Which I thought), it actually creates a reverse-timeline.
Which is correct (you can see this by visiting this JsFiddle and entering the hash of Game #1).

So in theory (I say theory, because it isn’t practical to do in the real-world), could break each hash until we come down to the final game, then just readout the busts, and get some bits flowing.
However, this costs WAY to much time and resources to do in the real world.

Also, if 1 manages to break the complete chain, and then leak it (so that other players can predict the busts as well), this would mean Ryan will end-up with some serious bankroll issues.
The bankroll at the time of writing this is ~1.054.402.637 Bits (I use a ‘.’ as thousand-separator).
At a max bet of 1.000.000 Bits, if 1000 players would cash-out at 2x, the bankroll would be pretty much down to 0 (my calculation may be a bit off).

Now there is another way to beat Ryan (Sorry for being such a Donger to you :3) without having to spend tons of hash-calculation years:
Breach the database and steal the hashes.

Yes, the hashed have to be stored somewhere right?
So if one managed to get into this database, it would be pretty much over for Ryan.
Now I think he has some measures in place to prevent the hashes from leaking, but nothing is impossible šŸ™‚

I hope you guys could get some useful insight on how Bustabit works under the hood.
If so, please consider helping me creating a better bot by sending some bits to me (FinlayDaG33k), sending some Bitcoins to my BaB:1DzDHEKRM7W3nfVxGP9Y5VmpDJUsKckAff or to my private wallet (so I can spend it on one of my other hobbies?) 17f77AYHsQbdsB1Q6BbqPahJ8ZrjFLYH2j

Anyways, that is it for now šŸ™‚

G33k Out

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