My Issues with the LoL matchmaking

Hey G33ks,

So today, I played yet another game of LoL, when suddenly this old idea of mine came up again:
Why not instead of only sorting people by rank, also sorting them by toxicity.
I came up with this idea a while ago, as we had a premade 4 team, that got filled by 1 random player.
however, this random player started trolling, flaming and feeding just because he didn’t get his beloved midlane as he was a (quote on quote): “Master ELO Yasuo smurf”.
He literally ran up into the lanes, and all he said was: fuck thing ca****ous team of mine.
After which, we all reported him.
a few games later, I got this dude in my team again (I forgot to block him) and he literally did the same.
Now why does riot give out chat restrict, ranked restricts or bans.
I think it would be nice that people who have been toxic should be matched in teams who have the same behaviour.
this way, the less-toxic can play, and the people who are not toxic at all (yes, they actually do exist), will get matched who aren’t toxic at all.
By doing this, there will be a lower chance that a team of cheerful players, get their experience destroyed because of 1 toxic player.
Now this system is not perfect, but at least it is a start.
I hope you guys will spread this idea so that riot can look into it!

That was it for now, I wish you all best luck in the Fields of Justice!

G33k Out

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