Me and ScaleLab Gaming parting our ways

Hey G33ks,Half a year ago, I signed up with the ScaleLab Gaming Network in the hope I could get some more expose for the work I pull off.
Unfortunately, they didn't really seem to be actively helping me.
I did get some information like analytic data, but it was the exact same as I would get from Toutube, so no big thing there.
The music library was quite filled, but not with the music I want. (pretty much only lower quality music)
The tickets where okay to be honest, they usually responded within 24-hours, but what they said was as far as I could tell pretty much too keep people on board, rather than actually helping them grow.Don't take it wrong, they have a lot of people who linked in with them, and they can't help everyone, but I already told them 3 times that I wanted to leave, and I gave them 3 times to improve, but they simply didn't.
When I signed my un link form, they said they would get a one-on-one session with the director blablabla, but to be honest, 3 times of asking to get more help shoule be enough right?So there we have it, my channel is not 100% free ("free" as in NSA)
I hope you guys still like my videos, if not, please tell me how I can improve! you can do this in the comments section of each video!G33k out


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