MinerGate Achievements cheatsheet!

Hey G33ks,

So I’ve been mining with Minergate for some time now, and here is a small cheatsheet of how to unlock the achievements.
Adventurer – mining from 5 locations
All day long – 24 hours of mining
Anonymous – Mining with proxy
Autominer – Start the miner when the system starts
Competitor – Benchmark passed
Crafty – Manual mining activation
DIY – Merged mining is set manually
Dwarf King – 10.000 shares sent
Easy – Smart mining activated
Explorer – mining from 8 locations
Hacker – Access log file
Iron man – Mining at full capacity
Juggler – Mining all currencies available
Lone Wolf – Mining on weekends
Merchant – 10 successful withdrawals
Night-bird – Mining for 4 hours at night
Nighthawk – Mining for 5 nights straight
Perfect hour – 1 hour of mining
Rival -5 Benchmarks passed
Share expert – 1.000 shares sent
Share specialist – 100 shares sent
Speculator – 3 currencies withdrawn
Stealth – Hide a coin and show it again
Survivor – Mining for 7 days straight (Thanks to מוסי שש)
Trader – ???
Traveler – mining from 2 locations
Trifecta – Mining 3 currencies at once
Unstoppable – Mining for 3 days straight
Vender – Successful withdrawal
Veteran – Mining for over a month (Thanks to Erick Winner)

If someone find the Trader, please tell me in the comments!

Happy Mining!
G33k Out

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  1. AvatarJoshua Howard
    To get the juggler, do you need to mine all the currencies at once or just a certain amount of each? I've mined all of them and didn't get the achievement... Thanks!
  2. Avatarמוסי שש
    survivor=mining for 7 days straight
  3. AvatarErick Winner
    Veteran - Mining for over a month ( I got)
    • AvatarFinlayDaG33k
      Confirmed and added to the list :)
  4. AvatarΓιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
    So anybody got trader yet?
  5. AvatarNithin Prakash
    how do you mine from different locations. Traveler?
    • AvatarFinlayDaG33k
      with 2 different locations, they mean 2 different machines. (at least, I unlocked it by just using more machines)
  6. AvatarRobert J Brown
    this will help. http://i63.tinypic.com/iw3no2.png & http://i67.tinypic.com/52z0qh.png
    • AvatarFinlayDaG33k
      Indeed :) Thanks for making those screenshots!

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