Why do I never see CS:GO Gameplay on your channel?

Hey G33ks,

So today I received a message on my facebook:
“Why do I never see CS:GO Gameplay on your channel?”

Well the reason is simple: CS:GO (mainly it’s “matchmaking”) is complete garbage.
Right now, I am rank 1 with only 3 games played. 1 win and 2 losses.
But when I decide to hop in a match, I get matches with rank 3 players that play CS:GO as if their lives depends on it.

“But Finlay, in LoL you also have smurfs!”

yes, but smurfing is in my opinion something different.
You when Smurfing in LoL, the system does not know what your exact MMR is.
In the levels 1-30, you will get matched with people that are around the same level, and after that, you get matched with people that are around the same MMR.
This MMR is based of your Win/Loss ratio.
However, in CS:GO the matchmaking for non-competitive (I mean, I still have to grind trough rank1 before I can even touch competitive) is just complete random (or so it seems)

I’ve played CS:GO with some friends of mine today, and we are all rank 1.
what did we get matched with? jepp, some rank 3 players with decently high rankings (probably just your average player).

How can this be fair? simply said, not.

I played with my friends, and I saw one of them just get quickscoped by the same guys, while he barelly could hit 1 bullet.

This is the main reason why I don’t play CS:GO, let alone upload gameplay to it.
A game should be fun, but CS:GO just simply isn’t.

I hope I cleared up the answer for you guys,
Otherwise, feel free to leave any questions either in the comments, or by messaging me somewhere else!

G33k Out!

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