Fixing Share link for Flatfull’s Musik Theme

Hey G33ks, So today I joined DevineHQ and opened it with a nice Makina & Powerstomp mix. But when I wanted to share it to my facebook, I noticed something: When I hit share, it would open the Facebook share dialog in the SAME tab as DevineHQ, and after sharing, it would close the tab. […]

Last Update from Spain + Home (2016)

Hey G33ks, so here it is… The final update of the holiday to Spain… So here we go: When we woke up at around 09:00, we took it rather easy, take some breakfast (although there wasn’t much food) drank something etc. And after a hour or so, I started to pack up my stuff, soon […]

Update 7 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, Today, I’m writing one of the last post from Spain. The next post will be written from the Netherlands again. Ready for it? Here you go! Today, my girlfriend and I woke up quite late and after breakfast I worked on my site again. After about an hour, my girlfriend’s dad and I […]

Update 6 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, Here is one of the last updates that I will post. Now I want to tell you that it was a NIGHTMARE to write this post… it contains lot’s of pictures which had to get uploaded trough a unstable 1mbit connection… (the internet in the mountains of Spain is horrible, I know…) I […]

Big site updates

Hey G33ks, It’s about a year since this website got launched, and I thought: let’s give it an update! I’ve already done these changes: Infiniscroll (just scrolling down to load new posts instead of having to press “show next page” Installed Jetpack to increase functionality and security Added “share” buttons so you can easily share […]

Shop getting removed

Hey G33ks, So as the shop isn’t getting used, I decided to remove it soon. This is to save some server resources and to keep the site more secure (more code == more vulnerabilities). Donations will still remain possible, but I will have to make a seperate page for that. I hope you guys agree […]

Update 5 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, So I’m sorry that I forgot to post an update for the last 4 days, but I was quite busy with programming n stuff, so I forgot it :p Unfortunately I forgot what happened on which specific day so here is what I do remember: On the first day of the missing update, […]

Update 4 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, Update 4 already from our holiday in Spain. Nothing major has happened yet, but our plan is to go for some more Geocaches and then head to the beach in Denia. ALso, the CO of [GC31ZEV] Cache & Play #6 was nice enough to let us log the cache as we searched on […]

Update 3 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, So today the mother of my girlfriend turned 50 so we took it easy for the day. I went programming, my girlfriend played some games on here phone, and I made this picture: In the evening, we decided to go to some kind of city for diner at a Belgian-ish Restaurant. Here are […]