Big site updates

Hey G33ks,It's about a year since this website got launched, and I thought: let's give it an update!I've already done these changes:

  • Infiniscroll (just scrolling down to load new posts instead of having to press "show next page"

  • Installed Jetpack to increase functionality and security

  • Added "share" buttons so you can easily share a post to social-media!

  • Creating a nice front-page and moving all bloggy stuff to it's own page to make the site more versatile

  • Updated the contact form to be ehm... easier to use

  • Added a page with all projects I've worked on or am working on!

Over the next few weeks/months you can expect these things to happen:

  • Shop getting removed

  • Site breaking a lot

  • Some new widgets

  • And even more changes and site breaking!

Please note that the changes may take some time to roll out, but I will inform you guys when something happened!If you have any suggestions, please leave it in the comments and I'll consider putting it in!G33k Out!


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