Last Update from Spain + Home (2016)

Hey G33ks,
so here it is...
The final update of the holiday to Spain...
So here we go:When we woke up at around 09:00, we took it rather easy, take some breakfast (although there wasn't much food) drank something etc.
And after a hour or so, I started to pack up my stuff, soon to be followed by the others.
After we packed all stuff, the owner (I think he was the owner?) of the house we rented came to get all the last stuff done (rental payments etc.)
And after everything was settled, we headed off to Valencia... for the last time this year.After a trip of about one and a half hour, we arrived at the Valencia Airport.
We returned the car we rented (A Citroen C4 Cactus btw) and headed off to the port.
After this we checked in our luggage and headed over to.... not the customs, but the toilet :D
Hows that for an anti-climax huh? :p
Ah well, after we visited the toilets, we headed over to the customs.
Everything was fine, but I got picked out for a control (probably drugs or explosives or some sort) which I passed cleanly :)Then we bought something at the airport shop for the grandparents of my girlfriend.After all of this, it was time for lunch...
So we headed to the Burgerking :DAt 17:20, we where allowed to board the plane, and we finished diner about the same time, so slowly we headed towards the gate.
One we where allowed to board the plane, I managed to snap these pictures:
After we boarded the plane, we waited until the plane finally was pushed back and preparing for takeoff!
I'm sorry for these videos to be so shaky, it was only my 4th time on a plane (excluding the one when I was 8 months old) and I had to hold my GoPro in a difficult to keep up right position
And after about 2 hours of flying, we finally started to land:After the flight was over, we FINALLY could stand on solid ground :D (I'm a shipper, not a flyer)
Then we walked back to the Airport building to retrieve our Luggage.After we retrieved our luggage, we headed to the car for our last piece of the trip.
It was a drive of about 2 hours until we where at the house of my girlfriends grandparents to pick up their dog.
Then, we headed to my final destination: my home.
One arrived there, we drank some drinks with my parents before my girlfriend and her parents headed home.After they headed off, I ate some noodles before heading to bed.
Waking up the next morning to write this blog post.
I hope you guys all enjoyed the journal of my holiday to Spain!
If I have another holiday or something, I'll keep you guys posted!
That was it for now though.
I will see you in the next one!G33k Out!


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