Pictures might be screwed up

Hey G33ks, So I was trying to watermark all my pictures (still looking for a way do do this nicely in WordPress), and I came across some plugin… It worked like I expected… sorta… At first, the images where watermarked like I expected, but I noticed that the scaling was a bit to big, so […]

Update 2 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks, Today, we woke up at 10 o’clock in the morning, and after breakfast, we headed out for some geocaching! I’m sorry to tell you, but I still am terrible at writing posts and logs like these. I hope you guys don’t mind and just enjoy! These are the caches that we looked for […]

Update 1 from Spain (2016)

Hey Guys, This is the first update from the 2016 holiday to Spain! We have safely Arrived at the house tomorrow around 02:15. That means that the journey has taken about 8-9 Hours. When we where at the place for the customs, I got checked for explosives. Not this is no big deal in my […]

How to become a well-known youtuber

Hey G33ks, So I got a question from somebody “How do I become more known on Youtube” and it got me thinking. After thinking a LOT I came to the conclusion that unless you have some major talent (like you sing really good or are a very high-ELO League player), you will need to have […]

My Ants keeping journal #2 – the Journey so far

Hey G33ks, So a while ago, I made this post about that my girlfriend and I where going to start antkeeping. And a few weeks ago, we managed to get our hold onto some Queen ants as shown in these videos: Now I decided to give you guys some updates. First of all, the Queens […]