Update 6 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks,

Here is one of the last updates that I will post.
Now I want to tell you that it was a NIGHTMARE to write this post… it contains lot’s of pictures which had to get uploaded trough a unstable 1mbit connection… (the internet in the mountains of Spain is horrible, I know…)
I started writing this post around 19:00 on thursday and finished it on wednesday at 11:35. (while going to bed at 00:00)
That is quite some time ain’t it?
I also included 2 days (Thursday and Wednesday) as it took soo long to write.
But, without any further ado, let’s jump into the update!

So today our first plan was to go to Aqualandia in Benidorm, but because my skin already hurts a lot, and the slides at the park can easily take 10 minutes, we decided (well… mainly I did) to go to Museu De Les Ciències (Museum of Sciences) in Valencia instead.

It was a trip of about 1 and a half hour form our housey.
Once arrived there we took lunch first, as it was about lunch time when we arrived.
After lunch, we headed to the actual museum!

Once in there, there where multiple expositions.
The first one we headed to was about biomechanics. (protheses, different kinds of fillings for beds etc.)
There wasn’t that much interesting stuff over there as it was mainly just showing stuff about protheses and stuff…. not that much science that people should now about if you ask me. (even though some may disagree with me!)

After this, my girlfriend and I went one way, and her dad and mother another way.
The next exposition we visited was all about experiments.
I didn’t fully understand most experiments as the English translations where even worse than mine.
One of the experiments was this:

Now you might not be able to see it, but the smoke (water vapor) actually creates a vortex.

When we where on our way to the next exposition, we came across something I am trying to get started with as well: an ants formicarium!
While looking at it, we snatched these pictures:



Jupp, there where even fishies! (these cleaned up the water a bit) Jupp, there where even fishies! (these cleaned up the water a bit)


I haz the same fishy at my home in the Netherlands :O I haz the same fishy at my home in the Netherlands :O

After looking at the ants for a while, we decided to continue.
In the corner of our eyes, we saw these little glass containers.
When walking closer, we found….
No, not the hot girls we call “chicks” but little chicken! (or as I call them: “little kip”, kip is dutch for chicken)
Ofcourse, my girlfriend couldn’t resist and took pictures of them





After my girlfriend was done looking at the chicks, we headed towards a exposition about a scientist that pretty much changed the whole world:
Nikola Tesla!

There was just so much stuff about him in the expo!
There also was a model of his “remote controlled boat” which was pretty awesome.
Some people didn’t seem to understand it tho… they just took the handle and complained it did nothing… not knowing thay had to look at the rudder of the boat on the left :’)

My girlfriend also photographed these funny things:


After the expo about Nikola Tesla, we headed to the 2nd floor.
where we spotted this DNA model:

But except that, there was pretty much nothing there… mainly some “unknown” scientist… but when looking at some of them, I understood why they weren’t that famous in the scientific community.
So we headed to the 3rd (and top most) floor.
There we found an exposition about the human body (mainly what Chromosomes and Genes do).

Thermo imaging Thermo imaging


We also found some seastars (hii there Patrick :D), Axolotls, mice and a Snek.
Tho I felt quite sorry for them..
The seastars got locked up with seastar eating fish, the axolotls where with 5 in a small aquarium and the Snek was in a terrarium waaaaaay to small for him/her.

Hello! :D

Hello! :D Hello! 😀




This exposition was just TOO big to fully view. also, I saw something that I just HAD to visit instantly: the exposition about ESA and NASA.
Unfortunately, SpaceX wasn’t showcased, even though I think they are making major progress.
Especially with their “reusable” rocket (the first stage).
It was quite fun there.
My girlfriend snatched these pictures:

Me playing with some kind of gravity field machine thing Me playing with some kind of gravity field machine thing
Me with a 1:24-ish scale model of the Ariane 5 Me with a 1:24-ish scale model of the Ariane 5

After playing around there, we visited the next exposition.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell a lot about this. so enjoy these pictures instead:



Trying to scare off a dinosaur Trying to scare off a dinosaur

After this, we headed towards 2 geocaches.

First we headed to [GC5ZM57] JARDIN DE ASTRONOMÍA.
This was this like playground but with astronomic stuff.
After a while of searching, we came across some other people who already found it.
They pointed us to the place where they found it (but we already searched there), so we couldn’t get any further with it.
We just decided to give up the hunt and go to the next one.
But first, I made a picture of the location where we expected it, messaged it to the CO and hope I get permission to log it anyways.

we where at this bridge where you could go downwards or to the other side of the bridge.
First, we searched underneath the bridge, but we quickly realized we had to be on the bridge.
So we headed up again.
There, we came across the cache in pretty much no-time.
We logged it, and headed back to the car.
After a drive of about one and a half hour, we arrived back at our place.
My girlfriend and I took a dive, we all took diner and then we just did nothing for the rest of the day (except me writing this blog post).

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
It was written in a little bit of a hurry but ah well.
That was it for today, and I will see you tomorrow!
G33k Out!

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