Update 7 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks,
Today, I'm writing one of the last post from Spain.
The next post will be written from the Netherlands again.
Ready for it?Here you go!Today, my girlfriend and I woke up quite late and after breakfast I worked on my site again.
After about an hour, my girlfriend's dad and I headed out for some geocaching!
We had one cache left that would make a really nice streak along the cost.
After taking a little walk (my feet started hurting from the irregular terrain), we managed to find it with relative ease.
Although our GPS said we where in the water while we where about 10 meters away from it...
Ah well...After that, we headed to some chinese shop to pick up some ziplock bags :p
Then, we did: nothing for a while...At the end of the afternoon, we headed to Denia, for one last beach visit, Diner and one last Geocache.
I don't have any pictures or videos of the beach, as I couldn't see any fishies :C
But after we left the beach to go for diner, we walked around for a while looking for a place to eat...
My girlfriend had to choose where to eat, but when we asked if she wanted to eat at a certain place she always answered "I don't care"...
So after a while they asked me and I said: MacDonalds :') (yea, I just said the first thing that came to mind to avoid me saying "I don't know").
Fortunately, we came across this place where they had hamburgers, so that's where we ate!After a moment of waiting for our diner we finally got it!
I don't have any pictures of what the old folks where eating, but here is wat my gf and I ate:
After this, my girlfriend and her mom went to the boulevard thing (a little strip with all kinds of market stands) and her dad and I went for that one last Geocache:
We already attempted this before, but the walk was just too much... The cache was relatively easy to find for a nano, but the walk there took us about half an hour to get there, and to get back. (which is why we couldn't do it last time)
Unfortunately, it was too dark to take pictures :CAfter this, we headed back to the car where the others where waiting.
Then we headed towards home, and after a moment towards bed.I hope you guys enjoyed this post, there is only one post left that I try to post tomorrow:
The trip back.G33k Out!


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