Claiming a steam-gift with region limitation

Hii guys, So I had a steam-gift laying in my inventory which I won at a giveaway, but it was locked for the Russian Regions.. But I decided to just go on and try to claim it anyways. So here I will share you the steps on how I did it. (unfortunately, I didn’t make […]

My Ants Keeping Journal #4 – The first worker? :O

Hey G33ks, So I spend last night at my girlfriends place, to which I headed pretty much immediately after school. Before I went off to school, I did a quick checkup on the ants, but nothing major had changed since the third journal. Today, I came home, and after a while, I decided to checkup […]

Why I “Suck” at gaming and other data-intensive stuff

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been getting quite some questions about why after 5 years of playing LoL, I’m still stuck in silver, while the average player that plays for 5 years is around Diamond-Master by now. Now you may think different about this (and that it’s just me making up excuses for being bad at […]

My Current MTG Deck

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been playing MTG a bit with my gf and I decided to share my deck here. It can be imported in most online deck configurators, but I’m not 100% sure. If you want to see it with stats n stuff, then check it –> here //Lands 2 Bloodfell Caves 11 Mountain […]

My Ants keeping journal #3 – We got Pupae!

Hey G33ks, So a while ago, I made this post in which you can see that we may have gotten eggs! And now, we have gotten these big things: (might be hard to see, camera on my phone is quite bad) I think that my thoughts indeed are correct. The white dots in the second […]

Kandicraft Shutdown

Hey G33ks, So today, I decided that Kandicraft will be shutdown. Why? because I’m moving on to new projects. The server took tons of resources, yet didn’t give me anything in return. No better reputation, no donations, not even players just hitting me up for fun… So yea… it might be that I continue it […]