Claiming a steam-gift with region limitation

Hii guys,So I had a steam-gift laying in my inventory which I won at a giveaway, but it was locked for the Russian Regions..
But I decided to just go on and try to claim it anyways.
So here I will share you the steps on how I did it. (unfortunately, I didn't make screenshots of the key claiming itself)Disclaimer:
Please do note that it is against the Steam ToS and may result in a penalty on your account.
Also, usage of a third-party VPN in general is at own risk! (Don't come crying to me that your account got cracked!)
Continue at own risk (I won't help you if your accounts get banned by "Lord GabeN" - even though Linus Torvalds is more awesome).
First, exit steam. (This is Important!)
Then, install the OpenVPN Client.
Then, headover to and search for one of the countries your key is restricted to.
In my case it was the Russian Federation.
So I searched for "Russia" with CRTL+F (just your browser's search function).
To make the search easier, you can apply a filter for OpenVPN.
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After this, I looked for a working VPN server.
Just look for a random server with a nice user amount. (more users usually indicate a good server)
Then, click on "OpenVPN Config file". (the text under the big ass green check mark)
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This will open up a page with all configuration files.
Just download one of those configuration files.
It matters as much as how you hang the roll of toilet paper on the hook... (a.k.a pretty much nothing)Save the file to a easily accessible spot.Then, open up your Command-Prompt (or terminal) as admin (for Linux users, just open up a terminal).
Then, just type in:
"openvpn /path/to/config_file.ovpn"Then, if you did everything properly, you should now be connected to your VPN!
you can check this by going to and looking at the section that says "Your External Address".
If this one differs from your own address, then you're connected!
Else, try to figure out what is going wrong (JFGI / Just Fucking Google It)Now start steam.
This will make Steam recognize that you are in a new country.
So you can claim your key later on.Now, go to the page where you can edit your store country (This One).
If you gotta login first, then be sure to check whether you are really connected to Steam (By checking the certificate, not just the green lock symbol).
Then, after you've logged in, change the country to the SAME as your VPN.
In my case: "Russian Federation".
Just fill in some details (may be fake if that's your fetish).
And hit "Save".Restart Steam Again (just to be sure),
and go claim your key!After you've claimed your key, exit steam, close your VPN connection, start steam again, and change your location to your regular location.And you're done!
This should work most of the time, but I can't guarantee it.
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this guide.
Happy gaming!G33k Out!


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