My Ants keeping journal #3 – We got Pupae!

Hey G33ks,

So a while ago, I made this post in which you can see that we may have gotten eggs!
And now, we have gotten these big things: (might be hard to see, camera on my phone is quite bad)

I think that my thoughts indeed are correct.
The white dots in the second update where eggs, and these are probably pupae! (as these are about the same size of the queens gaster… so I don’t think they are eggs)
This means that within a few weeks (I do not know how long they take exactly, but we’ll find out) we have our first workers emerge! after which, I will have to take a lot more care of them (give them honey now and then n stuff)

I hope it will be very soon, and I will keep you guys updated when the time is here!

G33k Out!

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