Why are my services running so unstable?

Hii G33ks, So today, I woke up, turned on my PC, looked at MaidBot’s statistics, and I noticed something was off… the webpage was down? when I tried to connect to the cdn/download server, same thing. Then, I proceeded to login to the FTP, same thing? When I then proceeded to the Proxmox control panel, […]

Using cloudflare? check your DNS records.

Hey G33ks, So as some of you may know, I always recommend the use of Cloudflare when having a website. Not just because it speeds up your website by caching it, but also because it protects your web server against the most common form of (D)DoS. But, some have their DNS settings setup very poorly. […]

Genesis Mining Journal #3 – Still giving me the payouts

Hey G33ks, So here is another little update on my Cloudmining with Genesis-mining.com. Payouts are still coming in every 2 days (it would be daily if I hashed away at double the speed :3) So yea, not much there. I got about 1 Euro back from my investment whooo 😀 That’s it for this time, […]

Genesis Mining Journal #2 – The First Payouts!

Hey G33ks, So it has been a week since I have started mining with Genesis-mining.com and I have already received 3 payouts. While still being quite small, it atleast is some payout 🙂 (I think I mined about 30 cents or so in the last week) I also have googled a bit more, and it […]

Going back to Android

Hey G33ks, So today, I made a rather hard decision. As you guys know, I bought a BQ Aquaris e4.5 with Ubuntu Touch (which I reviewed here) about a year ago. However, the longer the time went on, the less and less I loved Ubuntu Touch. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Canonical’s […]

Genesis Mining Journal #1 – Starting the Engines!

Hey G33ks, So I’ve Accumulated a few Bitcoins over time trough donations n stuff, so I decided to invest it in Cloudmining. Why? because a lot of people where curious on it, so I decided to do it for you 🙂 I startted Mining at Genesis-Mining.com (use my affiliate link to get 3% discount…) I […]