Going back to Android

Hey G33ks,

So today, I made a rather hard decision.
As you guys know, I bought a BQ Aquaris e4.5 with Ubuntu Touch (which I reviewed here) about a year ago.
However, the longer the time went on, the less and less I loved Ubuntu Touch.
Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Canonical’s Effort, and the interface (Especially the launcher n stuff gets me all geeking out), but I just felt like it wasn’t something for me.
I didn’t have the regular apps that I want/need (like Whatsapp, the Pebble App, Facebook etc.) and I found more and more bugs (but I can’t fix them on my own because I can’t read C++).
So I decided after a week of hard thinking that I’m going back to Android.
I am now busy with flashing my phone to Android Lollipop (and later try to go to Marshmallow or something).

Goodbye Ubuntu Touch, I hope that when we meet again, you will be the system I have always dreamed of <3 G33k Out!

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