You shouldn’t be proud of yourself when somebody (or yourself) calls you “Otaku”

Hey Guys,

So I see a crap ton of western-weebs calling themselves “Otaku”…
An “Otaku” is actually a obsessive fan of well… anything… (Obsessive is the keyword!)

The word “Otaku” seems to originate from an overly polite form of “you” (the japanese word “you”, not the english word!)..
Meaning (in English this time) “Your House”.
You can actually see this from Japan to the western culture really well:
Japanese people who try to look western (Often called a reverse-weeaboo, which is the same)
These people are called “Otaku” because they are an obsessive fan of well… the western society…

So Ye, it’s quite fun when I see somebody calling themselve “Otaku” because they pretty much say that they are an “obsessive fan of anime, who rather stays home and lacks most social skills” :’) (which we often refer to as Autism lol)
And now you should also know that a “Weeaboo” (or “Wapanese”) goes hand in hand very well with western “Otakus” because they all try to be Japanese 😀

I hope you guys learned something new, and when somebody calls themselves “Otaku”, then remember that they are actually harassing themselves 🙂

G33k Out!

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