A Request to Laptop Manufacturers

Hii G33ks,So I recently came up with this idea:
I go around with my trust Dell latitude E6410, however, when I go do work at friends (like programming marathon or so), I always have to bring my Razer BWU Chroma with me...
This is kinda annoying since the keyboard barely fits in the keyboard.
Now I know there is the MSI GP80 Titan, but my problem with that beast is that it's:

  • Expensive af

  • Not my type of switches (I pref Cherry MX Blue or Cherry MX Silver/Speed)

  • Overkill components

So first of, the expensive part:
Most people won't be able to afford it, or the high performance + mechanical keys does not out weight the price tag.
Now this is understandable, as if I had the money to buy it, I would rather buy another laptop that gets even higher performance, or has the same performance, but with a lower price tag, and then probably even get a Ten-Keyless mechanical keyboard with keys that they actually like. (yes, a TKL does actually fit in my backpack as long as the cable can be detached or the keyboard is small enough)Second, it's only available in Cherry MX Brown.
Now I prefer Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Silver/Speed or Logitech Romer-G (which you probably won't see outside of Logitech products).
Most people don't buy the GP80 because they want Cherry MX Blue, Red or Silvers. (yes, I know that Silver is a Corsair only Key switch)
If the GP80 would have more options of keyswitches that would be great, but then again, why not just buy a TKL keyboard with switches that you like?And Third, the components are overkill.
Yes, the components used in the GP80 are overkill.
An Intel i7-5950HQ CPU.
2x GTX980M (which get outperformed by 1 GTX1070 I think)
4 SSDs in RAID0 (why would you even need that for everyday competitive gaming??)Now here is what I need for my games that I play on LAN parties and on-the-go:
A Intel i5-6300HQ
A GTX1060
1 1TB HDD (might be 7200 RPM, idc)Now a laptop with these specs cost me around 1400Euro vs the MSI Gp80 which costs 3450Euro...
Now I'm not gonna pay that 2000Euro extra just to get a build in Mechanical Keyboard...Now when I looked around, realized that they could engineer a laptop with a variety of Cherry MX keyboards, for around 1600Euro (which would make some decent profit for them).
I wonder why they didn't do this yet.
Yes, the laptop will be a bit bulkier, but at least it will make a neat industry standard for gaming laptops.I think it is quite a gap in the market because I know quite some people that would like a mechanical keyboard build-into their laptop.
Because I'm curious what you guys think, I have created the poll that is at the bottom of this post.
Please vote for it, and let's hope we see more laptops with mechanical keyboards build-in!G33k Out


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