What is going on on the Github?

Hey G33ks, As you guys may have noticed, I made a few repositories on GitHub in the last few days. However, I didn’t put any code on them yet. Yes, the code is ready to be pushed, but there is a slight issue: GitHub Desktop is bugged. Yes, when I try to sync or view […]

Fixing OBS-Studio Error: “Bad File Path”

Hey G33ks, So today I decided to switch to OBS-Studio since Beam.Pro doesn’t support RTMP anymore. This meant I had to enter a lot of settings again. While trying to enter my record path, I got the error “Bad File Path” thrown at my face. I was used to the file path used in OBS-Classic, […]

Got a job!

Hey G33ks, So I got some great news, some news that I already knew around Christmas, but didn’t want to share yet 🙂 And that is that I finally managed to get a job! How did I get it? Well, after I quit school, I started a study at a small business. After a year, […]

Want a new PC? avoid these pitfalls!

Hey G33ks, So I se this soooo often. People falling way to easy for branding like the words “gamer”, or “professional”. I know, there is some stuff geared towards “gamers” and “professionals” that are actually great, but a “gaming” pc for sub 1000 euro? no, it’s just a home-PC on steroids. I mean, I often […]