Why I dislike Carnival

Hey G33ks, Here in The Netherlands, we celebrate Carnival like no other (Except the Germans… they do it bigger…). Every year, around this time, people bust out their weirdest clothes and just go nuts However, I’ve been a youth-prince for the Carnival club/association (whatever you call it), and since then, pretty much everybody at my […]

Deck Profile: Dic(k)tator Decko

Hey G33ks, Because I’m running a bit low on physical space here to record the deck profile (I’m still trying to get a nice setup to make my MTG vids), I decided to do this one in text format!     Introduction to the deck The Dictator deck is a bit like the name suggest: with […]

I’m impressed

Hey G33ks, So if you visited my site in the last half hour-hour or so, you may have seen that my blog went down for a moment. The thing that happened was called a “deface”. Yes, I do like to be as transparent as possible on any issues that I come along However, I’m in […]

Why did I leave that forum?

Hey G33ks, So literally a few minutes ago (a little longer because of my writing this post lol), I posted on my Facebook and Twitter (Thanks Hootsuite for saving me a bunch of time xD): Parted ways with my favorite forum… well… it used to be… then it turned into pure shit. And nearly instantly […]

Get your Repping shit together

Hey G33ks, So I’m active on a certain forum, of which the repping system is just broken. I made a post about that, and a lot of them say that it works perfectly and that I’m overreacting. So I decided to explain what is going on. Now, this does not apply to some forums. I’ve […]

Overwatch: Juggernaut

Hii G33ks, So I’ve left the League of Legends scene a month or 2 ago. This is because teammates were shit (the ones in overwatch are shit as well, but in league, you could carry a lot less due to feeding and stuff), the game was unbalanced (so is Overwatch, but there, “out of meta” […]