Deck Profile: Dic(k)tator Decko

Hey G33ks,

Because I’m running a bit low on physical space here to record the deck profile (I’m still trying to get a nice setup to make my MTG vids), I decided to do this one in text format!


Introduction to the deck

The Dictator deck is a bit like the name suggest: with everything your opponent does, what you won’t like, they have to pay with their lives.
Kambal, Consul of Allocation and Authority of the Consuls are in the core of this.
This deck is more of a “for fun” deck to have a good banter with your friends (or with the guys at an FNM) rather than a serious competitive deck.
However, it does seem to work rather nicely.


The Infinite Combo

This deck has an infinite combo consisting of Exquisite Blood and Cliffhaven Vampire.
The infinite combo should be rather obvious:

  • Exquisite Blood: Whenever an opponent loses life, you gain that much life.
  • Cliffhaven Vampire:Whenever you gain life, each opponent loses 1 life.

This combo is pretty much the bread and butter of the deck.
When this combo is down, your opponent probably will already be very careful.
If not, then Kambal, Consul of Allocation and Authority of the Consuls will pretty much close out the game.


Triggering the infinite combo

Once you have the infinite combo down, you can trigger it in so many ways:

  • The lifegain ability
  • Kambal, Consul of Allocation
  • Authority of the Consuls
  • Essence Extraction
  • Blessed Alliance
  • Sorin, Grim Nemesis
  • Shambling Vent
  • Cards Opponents play that say you lose X lifes
  • Your opponent not scooping

It’s just a matter of: How does your opponent want to kill itself? xD


Out sustaining your opponent

If for some kind of reason, your combo can’t be played or get’s destroyed, you, of course, need an alternate win-condition.
In this deck, it’s not that obvious, but out sustaining your opponent is more than possible.
This deck is build to go for the mid and late-game.
However, if you have a Cliffhaven Vampire and an Exquisite Blood in your hand together, don’t hesitate to play it if you have the Mana!
especially if you have something that can give you lives, or take an opponents lives as well.

Sorin, Grim Nemesis helps you chunk out your opponent.
Don’t mind his ultimate at all.
If you really need it, then go ahead, else, focus on using the +1 instead.


The Sideboard

Because there might be a few issues you get down road, I also made a little sideboard.
However, using this sideboard may degrade it down to Legacy rather than Modern.
This is because of Engineered Plague.
This card helps me a lot against annoying token generators like a Goblin deck.

I dropped in an extra Kambal, Consul of Allocation in case your opponent plays tonnes of creature removals.
Fragmentize has been dropped in as well to get rid of stuff like Smuggler's Copter.
Lost Legacy is for throwing to your opponents face when they decide to go for a combo deck.
And last but not least, Stasis Snare.
Stasis Snare is more against people that play an Eldrazi and/or Emrakul deck.
It’s more of a time-buyer rather than something you have to rely on.

Again, the deck takes a bit of time to ramp up.


Strenghts & Weaknesses

The main combo takes a lot of time to get setup, a decent removal may also screw you over big-time.
Getting both your Exquisite Blood destroyed may pose a big thread.
However, the deck should be strong enough to sustain for a decent amount of time.
Again, try to stall your opponent until you can chop him down.


Why create this deck in the first place?

A while ago, BazaarOfMagic has a contest to make a nice themed deck.
This deck was the winner of it.
However, back at the time, I didn’t play EDH, so I decided to take the same theme, make it more for casual play, and buff it up a little in the Casual way.

It took me a long time of playtesting on UnTap before I managed to get it how it is now 🙂


Full Decklist

For everybody that wants to play with the deck themselves, or just simply want to netdeck, here is the full decklist:
Don’t you dare to click me!

If i’ve forgotten something, please drop it down in the comments!

G33k Out!

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