I’m impressed

Hey G33ks,

So if you visited my site in the last half hour-hour or so, you may have seen that my blog went down for a moment.
The thing that happened was called a “deface”.
Yes, I do like to be as transparent as possible on any issues that I come along

However, I’m in this post I’m turning to the one who did it.
I’m impressed, now be a nice white hat and tell me how you did it πŸ™‚ (I’m legitimately impressed, but please don’t do it again, instead, just drop a file and send me a mail)

Yes, I did update my wordpress install a moment ago (and yes, I should have done this earlier).
Yes, I did read your message.
For now, I made the decision to part ways with the forum.
I don’t know if I come back, but at least not for a while.
And who knows, maybe I’ll come back without you noticing? πŸ™‚

I’m not angry at you, I just want to fix the security holes.
So I hope you will come forward so we can sort this out together.
You know how to find me.

And please leave my site alone next time. (Just drop a file explaining it so I can fix it)
Don’t haunt me for the rest of my life, instead, grow a pair and move along.
If you want to pentest my site, feel free to, but don’t make it unusable for the people trying to legitimately visit my website, instead, tell me, and I’ll fix it.

Yours Sincerely,
Aroop “FinlayDaG33k” Roelofs

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  2. Sviatoslav Polyakov
    At least you came out with it fair and square. Are it the same people from that forum who did it?
    • FinlayDaG33k
      Yes, it are the same people. However, except for the huge stress it gave me, I don't really mind. I've learned from it as well. Though it was quite a childish move to attack a website from somebody who had a different opinion on something...

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