A noob’s guide to Sealed Deck

Hey G33ks, So, the Amonkhet pre-release is coming this weekend! I’ll be attending at a 2HG (Two-Headed Giant) event in Delft on April the 23rd with my girlfriend as my partner. However, she is a novice when it comes to Deck building, so I decided to share my tips with you guys as well! Please […]

Q&A #1

Hey G33ks, A long requested topic on my blog: Q&A’s 🙂 So I’ve collected some questions that you’ve given me over the time by mail and stuff, and I’m going to answer them! You ready? Let’s dive in! Well, this is actually an odd story. Back when I got started, I never really thought about […]

New code, new site breakages!

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been working on my own theme again by adding custom shortcodes to make my life easier. However, this means that some older post will get broken as I’m removing and disabling plugins that used to do the same thing, but with different shortcodes. I hope you guys won’t be angry at […]

Idea on how to solve our voting issue

Hey G33ks, So A while ago, I posted a blog post with an issue I noticed with our voting system. There I talked about it being possible that the authority who counted our votes, may have tampered with the results. There, I also talked about a few possible solutions to it. However, I came up […]