Idea on how to solve our voting issue

Hey G33ks,
So A while ago, I posted a blog post with an issue I noticed with our voting system.
There I talked about it being possible that the authority who counted our votes, may have tampered with the results.
There, I also talked about a few possible solutions to it.
However, I came up with another solution, that might actually work out rather well.

Now the main issue here is mainly anonymity again, however, it’s not as plain as I originally thought.

and this is basically how it works (might vary depending on your country):

  • Your voting pass is printed out.

    • This time, it is printed with barcode containing a random little hash.
      The pass also contains a sticker, which the people at the voting hall can peel off, and stick on the voting bill.
      At this stage, anonimity is not a big deal, as your name is on the voting pass anyways.
  • You get your voting pass like you normally would.
  • You go to your voting hall
  • The people at the voting hall make you identify yourself like you normally would have to, however, this time they scan the barcode, peel off the sticker, and stick it on the voting bill
  • You bring out your vote, and put the voting bill into the voting box
  • The people who would count your vote scan in the barcode on the sticker and then enter the vote in the computer you made like they normally would
  • Voting results come out, everybody can visit a website that ask you for the hash you have on your voting pass
  • You enter your hash, and you see what you voted for.

Now here are some questions that you may get:

  • people could bruteforce (or itterate through all possible hashes) the hashes to see what you voted right?

    • Yes and No.
      Yes: They will be able to see what has been voted (which is actually a good think I’d say)
      No: They won’t be able to see who is the person linked to the hash.
  • The counters could still enter something else right?

    • No, because you know what you voted for.
      If the counter would input something else, you could report it (of course, without saying what you actually voted)
      If too much people report this, then the voting can be invalidated and redone.
  • The voting authority can still know what you have voted by looking up your name and comparing it to your hash right?

    • Yes, this is true, but I think if they have time for this, they really have the wrong priorities.
      I’m still thinking about a way on how to prevent this.
  • People can vote twice with the same pass because it never gets confiscated right?

    • No, because there is no sticker to peel off, hinting to the people who check your pass that you’ve already voted.
      The sticker can be made with special inks and stuff to prevent it from being copied.


What do you think off it?
Could it be worked out into something that may actually work?
Let me know in the comments!

But for now…
G33k Out!

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