Q&A #1

Hey G33ks,

A long requested topic on my blog: Q&A’s πŸ™‚
So I’ve collected some questions that you’ve given me over the time by mail and stuff, and I’m going to answer them!
You ready?
Let’s dive in!

Why did you get started with YouTubing?

Well, this is actually an odd story.
Back when I got started, I never really thought about getting serious.
A friend of mine started youtubing as well, and he made like a few hundred euro’s with it.
So I thought: hm… I know more about the topic, so I should be able to get more right? :O
So I started a YouTube channel, posted a video, and within a few weeks, I made about the same amount as he did :p
Then I figured: hm… making youtube videos and interacting with your community is quite fun…
So I started becoming more serious in it.
After a while, I didn’t really do anything anymore until I recieved my new laptop, after which I started it all again, and here we are πŸ™‚

How do your parents respond to your YouTubing?

My parents are quite okay with it.
As long as I don’t do dangerous stuff without safety measures, or compromising their privacy (like showing private files), they are okay with it.
In fact they seem to support me, as when I bought my GoPro, they actually funded a nice 32GB SD card for me πŸ™‚

Why don’t you get a better recording setup?

This is mainly due to financial issues.
I’m not rich, and have to work quite hard for even small amounts of money, so I have to choose between getting more interesting content, or higher quality content.
I always have a bit of a personal battle between this as I want to provide high quality video (nice crisp imaging) while also being able to keep pushing interesting stuff out (like unboxing graphics cards).
For the last few years, I have looked into getting a nice camera to record, with a nice microphone (for event coverage for example), however, my low budget isn’t allowing it.
You might say that I’d just have to save up, but this is not as easy for me as it might be for you.
You can say: “I have X Euros per month”.
With that budget, you can do stuff like go out with friends (which doesn’t cost as much).
While I have to do it with just 90Euro’s a month.
This includes upgrading my MTG library, my gear, doing fun stuff with my friends or gf, fixing/replacing something when something breaks or dies and pumping out content for you.
Now you’d probably say: “get a job”, but I already have one.
Unfortunately, this is only for 150Euro’s a month.
Which right now, I’m saving up for a motorcycle driving license, and a motorcycle.
After which I’m probably going to save up for a better camera or PC.
But we are talking about end-2018/begin-2019 when I’m finally done saving up for the motorcycle licence, and cycle itself.
This all contibutes to me not being able to push out higher quality content.
It’s also why I’m asking for donations so often, because they will all be invested into getting better gear, and occasionally getting some fun stuff to do on the channel (a few days ago, at the time of writing, I got a small donation from somebody who wanted me to do “Popin’ Cookin'” on the channel).

It’s not that I’m not skilled enough, or don’t want to push out higher quality, it’s just that I’m not rich enough (and as you know, this is a world where pretty much only rich people can get far enough on YouTube unless you’re lucky)

The ozone layer is recovering, so what do you think about global warming? is it a hoax or a real thing?

Of course it’s real.
the ozone layer recovering actually could mean that global warming would be accelerated.
Ozone (O3) is a greenhouse gas.
Which means that the more ozone is present in the atmosphere, the less heat will escape from the planet.
This means that while the ozone layer is recovering, the temperature also slightly raises.
And due to the amount of heat we generate from cars, planes, powerplants etc. being increased, more heat gets trapped, which amplified the effect.
We do need Ozone for our ozone layer (as it’s improtant to keep the Sun’s harmful UV radiation from reaching the Earth), but we should lower the amount of carbondioxide (CO2) we emit to make up for it.

So ye, global warming is definitely real.

So that is it for the first Q&A πŸ™‚
I hope you guys enjoyed it!
If you do, definitely head over to this post to drop some more questions for the second Q&A!

Until then,

G33k Out!

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