Fixing “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” in wordpress

Hey G33ks, So, it’s a very common thing to see with WordPress: your browser telling that there are too many redirects. This most often the case when you combine WordPress with CloudFlare. There is a simple solution for this: Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer by WebAware. This is the plugin I also use to handle […]

Q&A #2

Hey G33ks, So, I’ve collected question for Q&A #2! Ready for it? Here we go! Except that some skrub that I know now won’t talk to me anymore (because she is from that school and “feels responsible”), pretty much nothing actually. I did nothing wrong, so how would it have consequences for me? Because they […]

Better go complain on some 18-year-old!

Hey G33ks, So, in my previous post I talked about those shitty developers remember? Ye, so they decided to call my boss :’) (how pathetic) They also complained that I had links to their website in my exploits :’) Ye, because you know… A simple search on the internet wouldn’t have those sites exposed as […]

Are these lad’s even trying?

Hey G33ks Okay… So I’ve pentested a few “development” sites of a school (why are development sites available on the public?), and they seemed to got mad at me (threatening they would beat me up, sue me, all the general bullcrap). Well, I got a thing for you: be glad that I pointed out the […]