Q&A #2

Hey G33ks,

So, I’ve collected question for Q&A #2!
Ready for it?
Here we go!

You’ve hacked some school’ their website, what was the consequence for you?

Except that some skrub that I know now won’t talk to me anymore (because she is from that school and “feels responsible”), pretty much nothing actually.
I did nothing wrong, so how would it have consequences for me?

Why did you hack that website in the first place?

Because they are starting out, I thought: “let’s give them a little hand”.
They want to learn web development, so I taught them a bit about security.
I also got permission from somebody there, so why wouldn’t I try?

So basically, you just tried to help them, and you got scolded at?

Pretty much yea.
But I think that is because those skrubs don’t understand what hackers are, thanks to the media lol.
They literally called hackers: cyber criminals, as in: “all hackers are cyber criminals” :’)

Did they actually fix the issue you found?

One of the things I pointed out (the fact that they had developer sites facing the internet) hasn’t been fixed yet, and they probably won’t as they are too ignorant to do so.
The exploit I found, should have been fixed, but I can’t tell for sure.
I hope they did, cus the exploit I found was cringe worthy… (code will be released on the twelfth of March)

So, what is your next move?

Probably gonna wait it out :p
They should forget about me, after which I am free to go again.
but we’ll see about that :p

why are they such dumb kids that cry when somebody helps them?

I have no frigging clue?
they came with excuses like “they just started out”…
like rly…
that is your big excuse?
did the teachers also just start in development?


Anyways, that is the second edition of the Q&A 😀 if you want to ask a question, feel free to hit me up somewhere 😀

G33k Out!

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