Holiday to Austria Day Three – Salzburg

Hey G33ks, So, day three of our holiday to Austria. Today, we went to Salzburg. We parked our car at some University parking garage (which was actually a public parking lot!), and went by bus to the Altstadt of Salzburg. We actually got this bus ride for free! (and my dad learned it’s promounced as […]

Holiday to Austria Day Two – Just some Geocaching

Hey G33ks, So, Day two of our holiday to Austria. In the morning, we didn’t do a whole lot, but in the afternoon, we decided to go to the town of Großarl. While on our way there, my dad decided to make a little stop for a geocache. . while having to wait for my […]

Holiday to Austria Day One – Travel and Diner

Hey G33ks, So after a lot of planning, my parents, my girlfriend and I went on a holiday to Austria. We stationed in a little cottage near Großarl (pronounced: Grossarl). So ofcourse, I’m gonna blog about our stay every evening (or morning, or both). On our first day, which was mainly travel, we hit the […]

Bitrush Review!

Hey G33ks, I decided I wanted to buy some Litecoin, so I took a small gamble to buy them from a site called after I tried (which was a potential scam, a dangerous one). It’s a company based in The Netherlands (this means everything is a bit tighter and easier to verify, but don’t get […]

Installing TechnicSolder on Ubuntu 16.04

Hey G33ks, So today, I wanted to make a Minecraft Modpack using . In case you don’t know yet, a Modpack is a bundle of Mods (or Modifications) for a specific game, in this case, Minecraft! On the TechnicPack site, they recommended to use in order to manage versioning n stuff. So I decided to […]

Q&A #3

Hey G33ks, So, it has been nearly 2 months… 2 months already? wow… 2 months already… time flies does it? Ehm yea… so where was I? Oh yea, I was gonna give a Q&A, weren’t I? Well, let’s dive into the questions! Well.. to be honest, I don’t make music a lot anymore. I’ve pretty […]