Bitrush Review!

Hey G33ks,

I decided I wanted to buy some Litecoin, so I took a small gamble to buy them from a site called Bitrush after I tried BTCDirect (which was a potential scam, a dangerous one).
It’s a company based in The Netherlands (this means everything is a bit tighter and easier to verify, but don’t get your hopes up just yet).
I made an order, went through the verification steps and waited for a few seconds (it were like 30 seconds or so).
And it said the transaction was complete!

Looking in my wallet, the Litecoins have safely arrived!

Now, this is not a very detailed review, but at least Bitrush seems to be fair šŸ™‚
If you are looking into buying coins, give them a look (and tell them I send ya) šŸ™‚
But for now…

G33k Out!

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