Holiday to Austria Day Four, Five And Six – Krimml Wasserfall

Hey G33ks,

So, there haven’t been updates in 2 days, and that is because Day Four wasn’t that interesting and I’ve fallen ill on Day Five (which at the time of writing, I still am).
So, I now do them quickly in one post.

Day Four

A resting day.
We walked to Großarl to do groceries (dad came to pick us up by the car when we were done).
On our way there, I made these pictures of this goat(?) we came by on our way to town.

After we did groceries, I decided to do some programming.
And that was pretty much the whole day.

Day Five

On Day Dive, we decided to head to the Liechtenstein Krimm.
However, due to a boulder falling down (I don’t know exactly what happened), the Liechtenstein Krimm was closed, so instead, we headed to the Krimml Wasserfall.
There, I made a lot of pictures.

Waterfall got mad? 😀

Hey look, a caterpie!

After that, we had to walk ALL the way down again…
After which we decided to go eat a little bit in a little restaurant near the foot of the waterfall.
It was here that I started to get ill (even though nothing major was wrong just yet).

After that, we headed back to Großarl.
I put some stuff (like my camera and headphones) back in our room, went to the toilet (where I started to see that I might be getting a bit ill) and back to the car so my mom could drop us at the town.
My girlfriend and I walked around town for a bit.
At around 19:00 my parents joined us for dinner in a little restaurant.
Here, I ordered a Wienerschnitzel and a glass of Cola
Which was huge! (that’s what she said)
After I was done eating, I had to go to the toilet again (where I realised: Jepp... I'm gonna stay home tomorrow).
After dinner, we headed to our house again (and I to the toilet as well).
That night, my girlfriend and I watched the movie Colossal before heading to bed.

Day Six

Today, we wanted to head over to the mountains with one of those lifts, however, my tummy really started to hurt, so we decided to take a day rest.

I watched the movie Max Steel together with my girlfriend (sorta), programmed a bit etc. and my parents did their own thing.
For dinner, we decided to eat leek pie!

After dinner, we did our own things again.

Even though my tummy still hurts a bit, I think that I can go out tomorrow again (armed with some medication).
So for now…

G33k Out!

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