Holiday to Austria Day One – Travel and Diner

Hey G33ks,

So after a lot of planning, my parents, my girlfriend and I went on a holiday to Austria.
We stationed in a little cottage near Großarl (pronounced: Grossarl).
So ofcourse, I’m gonna blog about our stay every evening (or morning, or both).


On our first day, which was mainly travel, we hit the roads at about 4:00AM.
yes guys, 4 in the fkin morning…
Luckily, I didn’t have to drive (I don’t have a license yet).
Also, it was raining pretty much the entire day AND I had a runny nose from my allergy ;-;

So, we had some pitstops here and there (to walk around, take a drink, add some fuel to the car, and walk the dog).
After a few pitstops, my dad decided to look if there are any geocaches nearby one of the stops.
and yet is was!
After a tiny search, we found Highway Station Service #2.
First geocache of the holiday!

After more sitting in the car and more pitstops, we finally arrived!
After packing out our stuff, we decided to do some quick groceries (snacks for the night + some simple breakfast in the morning) and go out for Diner.

The rest of the night, we took it easy and after a while, my girlfriend and I decided to go to bed.
The morning after (so the time Iḿ writing this), I took a few pictures of the view from our (My girlfriend and mine) bedroom:

Zooming in a little

The wifi here is horrible, but atleast I am able to download some Anime episodes at night.
That’s it for now, I will see you tomorrow with the next post!

G33k Out!

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