Holiday to Austria Day Three – Salzburg

Hey G33ks,

So, day three of our holiday to Austria.
Today, we went to Salzburg.

We parked our car at some University parking garage (which was actually a public parking lot!), and went by bus to the Altstadt of Salzburg.
We actually got this bus ride for free! (and my dad learned it’s promounced as Grossaarl – the way I pronounce it – , not Grossarl – the way he pronounced it).

When we hopped of the bus, we did some geocaching (which I didn’t really enjoy due to the rain), and did some shopping (which I didn’t really enjoy either due to all the damn Mozart marketing. Pretty much every confectionary had Mozart branded chocolates…).

We attempted the following caches:

We didn’t find either of them due to the rain and the amount of muggles making it difficult to have a proper search.

After a while, we decided to take a break and go eat something at a little confectionary, the table space was REALLY crammed, and so was leg space…
Luckily, the food was very tasty 😀


Yes, I already took a small bite out of my Erdbeer-Joghurt-Torte :3

When we headed further, we came by another cache:

Which we quickly found.
Continueing on, we came by a little square, but something was off…

Lots of police

Like... A LOT

Indeed, a crap tonne of police, and a lot of people yelling?
What was going on…
So I went to an officer, and asked her what all this stuff was about.
She explained me that is was due to an upcoming match between FC Red Bull (Salzburg, Austria) vs HNK Rijeka (Rijeka, Croatia) for the Champions League.
As I’m not a fan of soccer (in fact, those supporters are a big reason why I think soccer matches like these should be restricted), I didn’t care much about the details.


After that, we headed to the other side of the river using a bridge with tonnes of locks from couples.
Now I do understand the meaning of it, but I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.

Let's show our eternal love with shitty locks people can open with nearly no effort 😀

I’ve seen all kinds of locks, pretty much all shitty locks (including tubular locks and Master Locks!).
I think somebody could be a humongous troll and just pick every lock on the bridge :mrgreen:

Anyways, we then headed to the next few caches:

This time, we did find both!
But again, this “Mozart” fetish is getting quite lame…

At Mozarts Wohnhaus, we found a rather interesting sculpture…

My dad thought it where 'ladybits' while my girlfriend, mother and I a rotten mower... but it was actually a volcanic crater? what do you think?

After visiting a bookstore (where I bought a book for my girlfriend as a gift), and the Marionette Theatre (where I took a quick pee as well, even though it was actually closed but allowed me to pee anyways), we headed back over the bridge.


When we crossed the bridge again, we hear A LOT of noise, and saw a lot of smoke.
We also saw a lot of police…

Oh god... it are the football people again...

Luckily, the football people (these seemed to be the supporters of HNK Rijeka) where escorted.
So except for a bit of chaos in the traffic, and a lot of noise, no big damage was done as far as I know.
After this, we headed to the bus, back to the place we parked our car, then towards a shopping mall (which was unfortunately, about to close), the MacDonalds, and back to our little house in Großarl.

After that, it was our little routine of just relaxing and doing stuff on our own.
So that also wraps up day three of our say in Austria!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and will stay tuned for the next one.
But for now…

G33k Out!

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