Holiday to Austria Day Two – Just some Geocaching

Hey G33ks,

So, Day two of our holiday to Austria.
In the morning, we didn’t do a whole lot, but in the afternoon, we decided to go to the town of Großarl.
While on our way there, my dad decided to make a little stop for a geocache.
Auf Wiedersehen in Großarl.

while having to wait for my dad to write our names in the log, I took a few pictures of the area:

After that, we headed into town, parked our car and started the Multicache:
Rundum die Kirche

while walking from point to point, we came by a few points of which I made pictures:

A statue of St. Florian(?)

After we solved our first and second waypoint, we headed to the the church.
On our way there, I made these pictures of a little bird (because, bird):

Then, we headed to the curch itself

Once there, I made a picture of Großarl-Mitte and the ski-hut on top of the mountain

My parents and girlfriend looked around in the church, while I took a little rest (I don’t really care about churches).
Meanwhile, I took some more pictures:

My girlfriend liked this stream, so I took a picture of it

After we solved our next waypoints, we attempted our first search for the cache itself.
We couldn’t find it.
So we headed into town again and took a break with some icecream (sorry guys, too hungry to make a picture :D).
After that, my dad recalculated the cache location.
While he was going to search for it, my girlfriend and I headed over to a liquor-store… except… it wasn’t a liquor-store, but a supermarket…
Ah well…

After that, we headed to our appartment again, and just did our own things (like *trying* to watch YouTube with our horrible internet).
We pretty much called it a day.
Tomorrow, we’ll be heading towards Zalsburg, so stay tuned for that!
but for now…

G33k Out!

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