Q&A #3

Hey G33ks,

So, it has been nearly 2 months…
2 months already?

Jepp... 2 months already

2 months already…
time flies does it?

Ehm yea… so where was I?
Oh yea, I was gonna give a Q&A, weren’t I?
Well, let’s dive into the questions!

You haven’t uploaded any new tracks lately, what’s going on?

Well.. to be honest, I don’t make music a lot anymore.
I’ve pretty much lost all inspiration, and to be perfectly honest, I never thought I was good in it.
Yes, I made some nice ones, but most of them were just me playing around with settings.
Indeed, playing around with settings is how most tracks are made, but my tracks started to sound quite generic from one and another, so I decided to stop making tracks.
Yes, I do sometimes work in FLStudio, but those tracks often don’t hit Soundcloud.
Right now, I’m looking for somebody who wants to collab with me so I can learn how to do it properly.

Boobs vs Butt?

Easy one, boobs :p

What is one of the biggest turn downs in a game?

Gosh, I hate grinding…
That’s why I often love competitive games.
In those games, you have to grind a few levels (which are done relatively quickly) in order to get you through the basics before going competitive, but after that, it’s up to you.
It’s also why I quit games like Flyff, ArcheAge, WoW etc.
Because they were just too much grind before you could do something fun.

Games that have a long lasting storyline in the forme of quests also don’t really interest me.
A Story About My Uncle is a good example of a storyline based game, done right.
You were playing the game, and while you were playing, you’d hear the story play out.
the Professor Layton series where awesome as well.
Again, you were playing the game, and while you were playing the game, you’d hear and see the story play out.

so basically:

  • games with a long lasting story line in the forme of quests: meh
  • games that require you to grind a crap tonne: meh
  • games that follow one main story (with occasionally some side-quest): yay!

Democracy, Socialism, Anarchism, Communism or Capitalism?

well… this is quite a hard one…


Democracy is not a great idea, as it requires people to vote, which brings some major flaws with it.
However, it seems to be the most obvious to do…
Until you get stuff like what’s going on in North-Korea where there is a “democratic” dictatorship.


Socialism, on the other hand, is also not something I’d like.
Basically: the more you contribute to society, the more you earn.
Seems fair right?
Well, don’t cheer just yet.
This means that if for whatever reason, you can’t contribute a lot, you won’t earn a lot.
This means that if you’re handicapped (like wheelchair bound for example), you won’t earn as much.
Or if you’re like me: somebody who is very misunderstood and barely gets any change in contributing to society (I am able to contribute stuff, but I lack initial funding, knowledge of some stuff and connections), you won’t earn a lot either.
Yes, it promotes actually getting off your fat ass and contributing, but you’d have to work off your ass at the same time in order to make a decent living.


Now Anarchism (or Social-Anarchism in this case), it’s quite simple for me: will be too chaotic.
It’s basically society without a ruler what-so-ever.
No ruler means no laws.
No laws mean everybody can do what they want (again, no rulers to set up laws to live by).
Theft, murder, rape etc. would all be legal.
People might frown upon you, and try to mug you or kill you, but you did nothing against the rules (and so did the ones killing you in term), as there are no rules.


Communism is something I used to be able to find myself in (note: used to).
It’s basically everybody is equal, no matter what.
Are you in a wheelchair? You are still equal to that athlete over there.
Are you just plain lazy? You are still equal to that hard working guy across the street.
Communism seems like a fine choice, everybody is equal, until you start to work out the numbers.
Communism is purely aimed to the government playing their people like puppets.
In a perfect communism, there would be no government, as everybody is equal (if there is a government, some people are in a “higher class” in comparison to others).
This, however, would bring the same problems as Anarchism described above.
So, not ideal either.


Capitalism is just pure garbage imo.
Before I want to continue on this one, however, I want to warn you about something: I might sound really salty (and I in a sense am quite salty), but it still should prove a point.
It’s all just luck:
being born in a rich family, being at the right place at the right time, guessing the right number against a 1:1,000,000,000 odd, making that invention that suddenly everybody wants etc.
It doesn’t matter if you’re good in marketing, or good in social engineering, or study hard, or come up with a brilliant new idea.
It is all just luck.

  • You can’t call it “skill” that you’ve graduated at Harvard, it was just luck that your brains got wired to be able to graduate at Harvard.
  • You can’t call it “skill” that you are a professional athlete, it was just luck that your brains and body got wired to be able to become a professional athlete.
  • You can’t call it “skill” that you’re insanely good at marketing, it was just luck that your brains got wired to be good at it.
  • You can’t call it “skill” that you came up with that brilliant idea that millions of people now use, it was just luck that people started using you over that very similar platform that already exists.

I, for example, was unfortunate to not live in a rich family, to not be able to finish a study, to not be wired to become a professional athlete.
And you might say: “yes, but we work hard and you probably don’t”, to which I can say: “then you obviously do not know how hard I work, just to be able to afford some candy for my girlfriend, to be able to get my ideas out to the world, or more importantly, to actually stay alive.”
I have worked off my ass since I entered school, with little payout.
I’m simply not wired to do something that makes millions of dollars each year.

Capitalism is all just a luck based game.
It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, as long as you don’t have that lucky opportunity to be able to use that skill, it will go to waste.
Look at some of the big YouTubers for example.
They were fortunate enough to start YouTubing a short while ago and get thousands of subscribers, while I’ve seen YouTubers, who have been busy for 5+ years, who barely got past the 500 subscribers, yet poured their heart and soul into it.
Some people have hundreds of dollars to put in a new PC, a camera, a microphone etc. while others are glad to be able to do their hobby at all.

If this doesn’t prove a point, then nothing will.

No more Pizza, or no more Sushi?

Easy one, no more sushi :p

No more gaming, or no more programming?

If I wouldn’t program, I would have more time to put into gaming, thus become better in it (and hopefully, get more luck in climbing higher on the ladders).
With programming, it goes the same, but with programming, I’d also have to get new ideas more often.
SO I’d probably go with no programming.


And that wraps it up for this Q&A!
I hope you guys enjoyed, if so, leave a like!
If you want to send me questions, you can do so in the comments, on my facebook page or via the contact page!
But for now…

G33k Out!

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