Coinhive Review

The name “Coinhive” is generally associated with malware, and I don’t fully disagree with it. It has been used by The Pirate Bay, in malicious advertisements, malicious browser extensions and other sketchy stuff. However, Coinhive itself has nothing to do with the way malicious people abuse it. It’s like saying Telegram and Whatsapp are bad […]

Don’t take Emil Oldenburg’s Bait

If you guys did not know yet, I’ve been into Cryptocurrencies since I was about 13, which is about 6 years ago right now (that’s right, I’ve been into Cryptos since 2011, ignoring the time when I wanted to buy it when it was worth literal pennies!). I’ve seen Bitcoin hitting the $100 mark for […]

Another major site re-skin!

Hey G33ks, 9 months ago, I made this monstrosity: It has served me well for learning how to make a WordPress theme. But in the end, I do need to satisfy my visitors. Therefore, I have been working on a new theme! (which you should be using at this very moment!) I have teased a […]