Fix these damn voting issues already…

So, 3 days till the Dutch elections for the local council.
These elections are even WORSE than those for the House of Representatives…
In this blogpost I have written about issues with voting.
However, luckily in the House of Representatives, we have a faction called “Niet-Stemmers”.
They are basically the same as the Spanish faction “Escaños en Blanco” (translating to “white seats”).

However, in the elections for the local council, we can often only choose between the major factions.
Depending on the town where you live, these are generally:
– SP
– D66
– PvdA
– GroenLinks

I do *not* associate with any of these parties.
So normally, I would do one of the following things:
– Don’t go vote
– Vote Blank
– Invalidate my vote

However, as I’ve probably already stated in the blogpost this only empoweres the votes other people give out.
Like I already said, in the House of Representatives, we have a faction called “Niet-Stemmers”.
They just leave seats empty in a protest against politics.
However, in the LCE we don’t have the “Niet-Stemmers”…
This is kind of a problem, as protesting against the LCE is now IMPOSSIBLE.
Think about it, you can do only a few things:
– Don’t go vote (empowering other votes)
– Vote Blank (empowering other votes)
– Invalidate my vote (empowering other votes)
– Vote on a party I do not associate with.

This is completely unfair and basically makes me (and others that have agreed with me) fele like my vote doesn’t matter jackshit.
If 100 votes are needed for 1 seat, then how come when we vote blank, we don’t vote for an empty seat?
How come that when there is a protest vote, that vote suddenly gets “ignored” in order to not leave empty votes.
Do we really have to go out with pitchforks and torches in order to protest?
I mean, voting blank seems like the most peaceful form of protest, but then again, it’s not really effective as protest as it worksthe complete opposite way.

Please spread this word, make governments think about this.
We really need to change this kind of politics.

Make all votes count!

G33k Out!

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