My first steps in the Vape world

It is no secret that I’m vaping a lot, I mean, I talk about it publicly, I’ve done it while live streaming and now I’m writing this review.
Vaping to me is just a hobby and for those wondering: no, except a single blunt or a few cigarette hits, I’ve never smoked.
For those saying: “but if you never smoked, then why do you vape?”
And the answer, to me is quite simple: because I like it.
I mean, some go to raves and take some XTC, others go to pubs and drink lots of beer, others decide to meet up with one and another hit the blunt or hookah, and I? I just vape.
Just vaping is relatively harmless and since there is no nicotine in my vape, the only addiction I would get is the habbit itself, which can’t really be called an addiction.
So in my opinion, it’s mostly all just fine and dandy.

At the time of writing, I am still planning on doing reviews of specific flavors and parts, but this might take a while.

How did you get started

It all started when a colleague of mine (now ex-colleague) brought his vape to work about a year ago at the time of writing.
It was a simple pen because he wanted to search for an alternative to the smelly sticks, nothing fancy going on there.
He explained some about vaping to me (about coils, juices etc. etc.), and I was quite intrigued by it.
The juice he had loaded up at the time was a blueberry flavored one.
When we went outside together (he wanted to go vape a bit, I had to go to the bus stop), I asked if I could take a few hits.
He agreed and told me that there would be a small amount of nicotine in it, but nothing major.

So, I took a hit and having taken a hit from a cigarette, this was really different.
It was smooth and actually tasted like blueberry a lot more than I expected.
There was a minor throat hit due to the nicotine, but not too much.
I took a few more hits so I could test it a bit more, but after 4 or 5 hits, I decided it was enough due to the nicotine (I didn’t want to end up getting addicted to it).

After thinking for a bit, I decided to pick up my own vape, a JustFog Fog1.
A simple 15 Watt vape pen.
I bought this pen with a little bottle of FS Gold Watermelon, obviously with 0mg of nicotine.
It wasn’t much, but to start exploring, it was more than enough.
After a while, we (my parents, my girlfriend, my dog and I) went to Großarl in Austria, and I took the thing with me.
I used it every now and then, and I quite enjoyed it.
Again, it wasn’t much, but I was still exploring.

A while after we came back, one of my friends had a vape pen which malfunctioned, it fire anymore.
He said that he got a new one and that if I fix it, I could keep it.
This was an eGo AIO.
Again, 15 Watt vape pen, nothing major.
I managed to fix it by replacing the coil, after which it worked perfectly fine again.
However, I still preferred my Fog1 as it had a way less restrictive airflow.
The AIO was more aimed towards people that preferred a MTL (Mouth To Lung) style of vaping rather than a DL (Direct Lung style.
As I am a DL style vaper, this didn’t suit me, so I just borrowed it to somebody else and kept going on my Fog1.
After a few months or so, I sorta just forgot about it before picking it up again (about a month ago at the time of writing).

My first big upgrade!

After about a week or two, there was a little giveaway happening at a vape shop near me.
So, obviously, I decided to try and I actually won!
The prize? a Wismec Sinuous P80 with an Alias noleak tank, about 50 ml of Cola Menthol juice with 0mg and a 18650 battery cell.
This was a huge improvement on what I was running (the Fog1) since I had a lot less restriction in the airflow AND was able to go above the 15 watt.
I could make so much more cloud, but also taste my juices so much better.
After this, I started to look more and more into the world of vaping, as I enjoyed it a lot more now than I did with my Fog1.

My second big upgrade!

Since I wanted to push my limits even more, I decided to go see if I could upgrade some more.
Since the maximum output of my device was 80 watts, I decided that a new tank would be the best choice.
After a long search, I decided to settle with the Vaporesso Cascade.
Not only did it have a lot of compatibility with cores (like cores using the Smok Baby Beast system), but it also had two powerful cores by itself: the GTM-2 (40-80 Watt) and the GTM-8 (80-200 Watt).
This meant that I had a LOT of play room to find my personal sweetspot.
Add the additional bonus that it’s a tank with a capacity of 6-7 ml, depending on wether you’re using the GTM-2 or GTM-8 core (sorry TPD art. 20, but nobody cares about you), and you got a really sweet deal.
Yes, the tank is quite big for on this device, but hey, it works? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I got three of them so I didn’t have to vape one empty as often in order to change the flavor I carry.
It was expensive, but with it in my opinion.
Imagine having to vape 7 ml in one go just because you want to change the juice…
I ordered some extra juice while I was at it as well Cookie King Choco Cream and Candy King Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum.
This would last me for a while 🙂

That is basically how I started to vape.
I still enjoy it a lot, even though it mostly is the technical aspect that appeals to me.

I hope you guys can now finally stop sending me thode “why do you vape?” questions all the time 😀

G33k Out!

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