Wotofo Serpent BF Review

I have been into vaping for a year now and one of my friends decided to give me a little present since I am his primary source of vaping knowledge. He knew I wanted to get started on wicking and later building my own coils, hence he got me an RDA. Please do note that […]

My first steps in the Vape world

It is no secret that I’m vaping a lot, I mean, I talk about it publicly, I’ve done it while live streaming and now I’m writing this review. Vaping to me is just a hobby and for those wondering: no, except a single blunt or a few cigarette hits, I’ve never smoked. For those saying: […]

SoulWorker Online: End-game PvP Suggestion

I am quite a fan of SWO and while I’m not at the level cap yet, I still try to keep updated with the development. One thing that I always seemed to notice on the forums is that there is a huge lack of end-game content. This had led to me being somewhat demotivated to […]

Optimizing your infrastructure to make WordPress run snappier!

WordPress is an easy platform with its benefits. As I have seen many requests on how to speed up a website, I have made a list of points that you should look into. This information can be very effective as without taking any tuning, you could end up with a website that even a sloth […]

Why I hold a grudge against new miners

It might come as a big surprise to you, but I actually hold a big grudge against new miners. This especially becomes a surprise as I’m a miner myself, and like everybody else, I started out as a noobie. But there is one reason why I hold a big grudge against new miners at this […]

Gridcash, a Coinhive alternative?

A while ago, I have posted review of Coinhive. At this point in time, it has earned me 0.03335104XMR over a timespan of 4 months. While it isn’t a great amount of money, it is something. A few weeks ago, the people over at hit me up and asked if I wanted to write a […]

Fix these damn voting issues already…

So, 3 days till the Dutch elections for the local council. These elections are even WORSE than those for the House of Representatives… In I have written about issues with voting. However, luckily in the House of Representatives, we have a faction called “Niet-Stemmers”. They are basically the same as the Spanish faction “Escaños en […]