Why I hold a grudge against new miners

It might come as a big surprise to you, but I actually hold a big grudge against new miners. This especially becomes a surprise as I’m a miner myself, and like everybody else, I started out as a noobie. But there is one reason why I hold a big grudge against new miners at this […]

Bitcoin Mining Algorithm Explained

Hey G33ks, With the current mining craze, A very frequent question I ask about mining is: “What is my PC actually doing?” So for those people, I have decided to make this post. This post does assume that you already know what mining does in the global lines. If not, then go watch this video […]

jQuery, jQuery and even more jQuery!

Hey G33ks, This post has been requested by Spike2147 and is about the fact that people seem to treat jQuery like it’s some kind of god. He sends me this link to a post (in Dutch): . The post is about a little script that will automagically swipe to the right on Tinder. Ah, good […]

Exploit codes used against Landstede

Hey G33ks, So, the storm has settled down between the skrubs from Landstede and me. So I felt it was safe enough to release the exploit codes 🙂 It were a total of 3 exploits. All the exploit codes below are 100% how I used them, all URLs, usernames, password etc. are 100% uncensored! Please […]

My issues with Pokemon Go

Hey G33ks, So, another “My issues and how to fix them” post. This time, I’ll be taking Pokemon Go under the magnifying glass! I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for more than a month myself while helping out other friends here and there since it’s release back in 2016. At the time of writing, I am […]

Holiday to Austria Day Three – Salzburg

Hey G33ks, So, day three of our holiday to Austria. Today, we went to Salzburg. We parked our car at some University parking garage (which was actually a public parking lot!), and went by bus to the Altstadt of Salzburg. We actually got this bus ride for free! (and my dad learned it’s promounced as […]

Holiday to Austria Day Two – Just some Geocaching

Hey G33ks, So, Day two of our holiday to Austria. In the morning, we didn’t do a whole lot, but in the afternoon, we decided to go to the town of Großarl. While on our way there, my dad decided to make a little stop for a geocache. . while having to wait for my […]

Holiday to Austria Day One – Travel and Diner

Hey G33ks, So after a lot of planning, my parents, my girlfriend and I went on a holiday to Austria. We stationed in a little cottage near Großarl (pronounced: Grossarl). So ofcourse, I’m gonna blog about our stay every evening (or morning, or both). On our first day, which was mainly travel, we hit the […]