Yet another kiddo got hella triggered :D

Hey G33ks, So I always like to just toy around with people. Most of you, that keep track of my videos, or talk to me in stuff like Discord, now that I (and most of my friends) always make jokes like: SEND NUDES!, SHOW TITS! etc. etc. I also send that joke to most of […]

Genesis Mining Journal #3 – Still giving me the payouts

Hey G33ks, So here is another little update on my Cloudmining with Payouts are still coming in every 2 days (it would be daily if I hashed away at double the speed :3) So yea, not much there. I got about 1 Euro back from my investment whooo 😀 That’s it for this time, […]

Going back to Android

Hey G33ks, So today, I made a rather hard decision. As you guys know, I bought a BQ Aquaris e4.5 with Ubuntu Touch (which I reviewed here) about a year ago. However, the longer the time went on, the less and less I loved Ubuntu Touch. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love Canonical’s […]

Genesis Mining Journal #1 – Starting the Engines!

Hey G33ks, So I’ve Accumulated a few Bitcoins over time trough donations n stuff, so I decided to invest it in Cloudmining. Why? because a lot of people where curious on it, so I decided to do it for you 🙂 I startted Mining at (use my affiliate link to get 3% discount…) I […]

My Ants Keeping Journal #4 – The first worker? :O

Hey G33ks, So I spend last night at my girlfriends place, to which I headed pretty much immediately after school. Before I went off to school, I did a quick checkup on the ants, but nothing major had changed since the third journal. Today, I came home, and after a while, I decided to checkup […]

Why I “Suck” at gaming and other data-intensive stuff

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been getting quite some questions about why after 5 years of playing LoL, I’m still stuck in silver, while the average player that plays for 5 years is around Diamond-Master by now. Now you may think different about this (and that it’s just me making up excuses for being bad at […]

My Ants keeping journal #3 – We got Pupae!

Hey G33ks, So a while ago, I made this post in which you can see that we may have gotten eggs! And now, we have gotten these big things: (might be hard to see, camera on my phone is quite bad) I think that my thoughts indeed are correct. The white dots in the second […]